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Sail Nauticus Academy

The Sail Nauticus Academy is our flagship program. Created to provide a life-changing experience for youth in our local community, Academy is a three-year program for middle school students. Through a partnership with Norfolk Public Schools, students are given the opportunity to participate in weekly programming that promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) comprehension, career exploration opportunities, and builds leadership and confidence all while learning how to sail!

The 6th grade year at Academy focuses on an introduction to the world of sailing.  During the winter months, students learn the basics of swimming and water safety to build their overall confidence on the water. Along with the basics of sailing, students learn practical life skills including communication, leadership and teamwork.

Our 7th grade curriculum focuses on safety and preparedness while enhancing the sailing skills they learned the previous year. During the winter, they learn more advanced swimming and water safety techniques as well as take part in First Aid and CPR training.

For their final year, we work to prepare these 8th grade students to demonstrate maturity and pass a basic sailing competency test.  In the winter season, we partner with the Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop. This activity incorporates a strong STEM and technical curriculum through hands-on learning.

Upon completion of their 8th grade year, Academy graduates have the opportunity to return as volunteers to work with incoming classes. High school students who remain on as volunteers and grow into proficient educators and sailors are encouraged to apply to become paid junior sailing instructors.

Consider making a donation today to help support sailing education for our local, underserved youth.