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Museum Exhibits

Please note, a portion of Nauticus’ third floor exhibit space is under construction. Exhibits listed below are currently open to the public but may be closed on select days/times.

There are many programs offered daily for visitors to enhance your experience, please find a full list here: Daily Programs

Explore new spaces coming soon a part of the transformational Reimagine Nauticus project!

Norfolk in time

Located On The Third Floor

An interdisciplinary, highly interactive exhibition weaving stories of history, culture, science, technology and industry to showcase Norfolk’s unique resiliency in the face of continual challenge and change.


Grand Opening June 17!

Devoted to young visitors, this gallery encourages experience-based play and discovery using both fine and gross motor skills as well as interactive elements that are right-sized for little learners. 

Nautical Neighborhood aquarium

Located On The Third Floor

Explore and investigate aquatic friends found in the Elizabeth River and Chesapeake Bay in our newly designed aquarium space.

Stewards of the sea

Located On The Third Floor

The Stewards of the Sea: Defending Freedom, Protecting the Environment exhibit is a dynamic display that showcases how the U.S. Navy protects the environment while operating at sea.

Wisconsin vista

Located On The Third Floor

Highlighting the history of the USS Wisconsin while you take in the striking view of the ship’s starboard side. Get a closer look at the upper decks and the impressive 16-inch guns that the Battleship Wisconsin is known for.


Located on The Third Floor

1907: The Jamestown Exposition & Launching of the Steel Navy exhibit examines the period from 1880, when the Navy began to recover from a post-civil war decline, to 1907, when President Theodore Roosevelt sent the Great White Fleet around the world as an affirmation of American naval strength.