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Museum Exhibits

Please note, a portion of Nauticus’ third floor exhibit space is under construction. Exhibits listed below are currently open to the public but may be closed on select days/times. There are many programs offered daily for visitors to enhance your experience, please find a full list here: Daily Programs

1907: The Jamestown Exposition & Launching of the Steel Navy

This permanent exhibit, developed and produced by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in conjunction with Nauticus, will examine the period from 1880, when the Navy began to recover from a post-civil war decline, to 1907 when President Theodore Roosevelt sent the Great White Fleet around the world as an affirmation of American naval strength.

Wisconsin Vista

Browse our exhibit on Nauticus’ third floor highlighting the history of the USS Wisconsin while you take in the striking view of the ship’s starboard side, getting a closer look at the upper decks and the impressive 16-inch guns that the Battleship is known for.

Our Mighty Seaport

This engaging exhibit introduces visitors to maritime commerce. Discover what’s coming in and what’s being shipped from Virginia to far corners of the globe. Our Mighty Seaport celebrates maritime commerce from the most unique spot in town – along a remarkable working waterfront.

Art in the guts of the wisky

Hidden from public view and likely not sanctioned by the Navy, are several murals painted on the ship by sailors during the last years of the vessel’s 66-year history. View recreations of original artwork created by sailors on the Wisconsin.

uss wisconsin: the last battleship

This exciting film spans the 50-year history of the Battleship Wisconsin and presents true-life stories in the words of those who served on her. Archival footage shows the Battleship Wisconsin in action, from kamikaze attacks in World War II to Tomahawk missile launches in Operation Desert Storm. This film plays in the Wisconsin Vista on a continual loop.

Battleship wisconsin model

This model of the Battleship Wisconsin was built and donated to Nauticus by Master Model Maker, Keith Mullen, May 28, 2011. The ten-foot, 1/96 scale model represents Battleship Wisconsin in her 1988 configuration during her last tour of duty in 1991 when she served in Operation Desert Storm. The model can be viewed in the Wisconsin Vista.