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  • Wheelchair accessibility throughout the building and on board the main deck of the Battleship Wisconsin.
  • Five on-site handicapped-reserved parking spaces.
    (Handicapped parking is available on a first come, first served basis. Handicapped parking is unavailable on cruise ship days.)
  • 1 elevator with second and third floor access.
  • Handicapped-reserved spaces in the Nauticus Theater.
  • Exhibit and movie scripts are available upon request. (check out at the admissions desk).
  • Assisted listening devices available upon request in Nauticus theater. (Please let the theater staff know prior to show starting that you will require the ALD.)
  • Sign Language interpreters can be provided with a minimum of two-weeks notice. Please call The Director of Visitor Operations a (757) 664-1037 to place a request or the Group Sales Manager at (757) 664-1034 for a group visit of 15 or more people.
  • TTY phone available for use at the Admissions desk.
  • Closed-captioned exhibits throughout the building.

Ship Experience Access Room

Located right off the wardroom on the Battleship Wisconsin, the Ship Experience Access Room (SEAR) was developed for visitors that want to experience the Battleship, but are unable to physically take the tour. Built in the former Administrative Office of the Wisconsin, the SEAR creates a virtual tour of the ship through the use of video surveillance equipment.

Thanks to a partnership with IPconfigure, Axis Communications, and ScanSource Security, the room has been designed to mimic a control center and is equipped with four, high-resolution monitors with individual access to IPConfigure’s video surveillance management software, Orchid Fusion. Visitors are able to sit at a station and create their own tour of the Wisconsin as they navigate the software.

Ship Experience Access Room supported by:

  • IPConfigure
  • Axis Communications
  • Scan Source