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Art in the Guts of the Wisky

Hidden from public view and likely not sanctioned by the Navy, are several murals painted on the ship by sailors during the last years of the vessel’s 66-year history. View recreations of original artwork created by sailors on the Wisconsin.

Battleship Wisconsin Model

This model of the Battleship Wisconsin was built and donated to Nauticus by Master Model Maker, Keith Mullen, May 28, 2011. The ten-foot, 1/96 scale model represents Battleship Wisconsin in her 1988 configuration during her last tour of duty in 1991 when she served in Operation Desert Storm. The model can be viewed in the Wisconsin Vista.

A Capital Ship

The term “Capital Ship” has been used by battleship enthusiasts to emphasize the traditional role of big-gun warships in naval affairs. This exhibit explores the origin of the warship and its role in military warfare throughout history.

Battleship Aviation

Suspended in Nauticus’ third floor is an actual Pioneer Remotely Piloted Vehicle (RPV) that flew off the fantail of the Battleship Wisconsin during the Persian Gulf War. Real-time video transmitted from cameras aboard Pioneer once enabled Wisconsinsailors to collect vital intelligence and improve the long-range accuracy of the big guns. This exhibit allows visitors to move the camera in this RPV and see what is going on in Nauticus’ third floor.

Wisky Walk: Fifty Years of Service

Presented by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, this exhibit chronicles the life and service of the Battleship Wisconsin and includes vivid photographs, video presentations, and a wide range of artifacts.

USS Wisconsin: The Last Battleship

This exciting film spans the 50-year history of the Battleship Wisconsin and presents true-life stories in the words of those who served on her. Archival footage shows the Battleship Wisconsin in action, from kamikaze attacks in World War II to Tomahawk missile launches in Operation Desert Storm. This film plays in the Wisconsin Vista on a continual loop.

“USS Wisconsin: The Last Battleship” is available for special viewings to groups or tours. Call (757) 664-1000 or email Group Reservations for booking information.

Ship Experience Access Room (SEAR)

Through a partnership with IPConfigure, Inc., Axis Communications & Scansource, the Nauticus Foundation officially opened the Ship Experience Access Room (SEAR) on December 7, 2018. The SEAR was developed for visitors that want to experience the Battleship Wisconsin, but are unable to physically take the tour. Built in the former Administrative Office of the Wisconsin, the SEAR creates a virtual tour of the ship through the use of video surveillance equipment.

Designed to mimic a control center, the room is equipped with four, high resolution monitors with individual access to IPConfigure’s video surveillance management software, Orchid Fusion. Visitors are able to sit at a station and create their own tour of the Wisconsin as they navigate through the software.

“With 20 cameras online, IPConfigure has opened up almost 10,000 sq. ft of space to about 20 percent of visitors that simply can’t navigate ladder stairs down three decks and back up”, said Clayton Allen, Battleship operations manager.

The project kicked off in 2017 when IPConfigure invited partners throughout the surveillance industry to Norfolk to assist with the system installation. The team configured dozens of cameras, switches, servers, monitors and pulled over 10,000 feet of network cables. They set up all the equipment to work seamlessly with IPConfigure’s Orchid Fusion video management software

“This project gave IPConfigure an opportunity to contribute to the Battleship Wisconsin in an unconventional way. It provides a unique opportunity for curators to provide access to visitors who otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience this historic ship. We’re proud to give back to our local community, veterans and visitors from around the world,” said Christopher Uiterwyk, president and CEO of IPConfigure.

With the official opening to the public, the Ship Experience Access Room is able to honor the history and preservation of the Battlefield Wisconsin, and enable more visitors to experience one of the last battleships built by the U.S. Navy.

“It is wonderful to be able to bring all generations on board to view the working and living spaces of a Navy sailor,” said Dustin Uhl, senior exhibit manager of Nauticus.


Three decks down, this is the single longest continuous passage on the ship.

Broadway is a unique feature of Iowa class Battleships. It provides access on both sides to; remote cut-off switches and levers, as well as Fire Rooms, Engine Rooms, 5” gun magazines and other ancillary work spaces. 

At 256 feet long and six feet wide it covers 1536 square feet.

It also allows Machinist Mates and Gunners Mates to move heavy equipment and big ammunition from one end of the ship to the other on a monorail that is 350’ feet long.  When the ship is fully operational and underway all the indicator lamps and hot steamy atmosphere remind sailors of a summer night on Broadway, a reminder of home that every sailor longs for.  

Medical Spaces

Visitors can view the hospital, including the lab, X-ray area, surgery, pharmacy, main ward, doctor’s office and other areas where crew members received medical services.

Dining-Related Areas

Explore the Chief’s Mess, where the ship’s officers socialized and ate; and the Gedunk, the ship canteen frequented daily by the crew.

Housekeeping Areas

Take a peek inside the scullery (dish washing rooms); and laundry, with its massive washers and dryers and separate pressing room.

City at Sea Areas

See the Ship’s Store, Barber Shop, and Library.


Yes, there was one on the ship where onboard offenders were temporarily confined.

NAUTICUS Mission Statement

NAUTICUS inspires and educates with engaging & interactive experiences that celebrate our connections with today’s maritime world. Nauticus is a contemporary museum that uses the natural setting of Norfolk’s harbor to showcase global maritime commerce and the world’s largest Navy.

Interior spaces aboard ship are limited to the Wardroom and Officer's Country, all other spaces are currently closed.