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The Nauticus Collection is the only set of waterfront venues in downtown Norfolk, complete with unparalleled and awe-inspiring views, unique settings, and exceptional service for every guest.

We create unique experiences: whether a picturesque ceremony at sunset or a dance party on the Battleship, your wedding day will be unforgettable for you and your guests. 

Our gorgeous settings make for incredible photo opportunities: from our 54 foot wall of windows to engaging interactive exhibits inside Nauticus to our majestic battleship, our settings will produce extraordinary wedding photos.


Half Moone Center

From our renowned 54 foot windows to the spectacular views of the Elizabeth River and the metro skyline, the Peter G. Decker Jr. Half Moone Center is the perfect venue for your wedding.

Nauticus Museum

Nauticus Museum features fun atmosphere which makes for a totally unique experience for your big day. The world-class Nauticus museum is perfect for a memorable indoor or outdoor gathering.

Battleship Wisconsin

The Battleship Wisconsin is one of the last battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy. The main deck features inspiring views of the gun turrets and spectacular skyline views.

Schooner Virginia

Charter the Schooner Virginia for a unique cruise along the Elizabeth River, this tall ship’s rich history sets the ideal ambiance for your wedding and celebrations.

Every Nauticus event supports our mission to benefit the community through education, impactful experiences, and sharing access to maritime resources. Learn more.