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Shark Awareness Day 2020

by Nauticus Education Team

#SharkAwarenessDay is a day to recognize one of the ocean’s greatest creatures and to bring about positive connotation around sharks. Did you know these 3 things, brought to you by Shark Trust, about sharks?

  1. Sharks, skates and rays are a diverse and fascinating group made up of over 1000 unique species. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours.
  2. Sharks play an integral role in keeping our ocean’s healthy. They do this by keeping other populations in check and preying on the sick and old. This prevents the spread of disease and improves the gene pool.
  3. Many divers relay magical experiences with sharks – indeed this is often the highlight of any diving trip.

At Nauticus, we care for 3 different types of sharks: Brownbanded Bamboo Sharks, Whitespotted Bamboo Sharks and Epaulette Sharks. You can learn more and see these sharks up close during our NEW Behind-the-Scenes Aquarium Tour Small Group Adventure! In addition to our aquarium tour, we’re celebrating sharks all week long via our Virtual Adventure series! See the schedule below:

Virtual Adventures on Facebook at 11am:

Today, July 14: Shark Day – How our sharks are fed!
Wednesday, July 15: Wisky Wednesday – Shark repellent!
Friday, July 17: Fun Friday with Science – Shark teeth!

Want more shark fun? Reveal your shark personality using Shark Trust’s personality quiz!