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Discovery Day

Memorial Day Celebration

Join us as we honor those who have sacrificed their lives to protect our country.

Celebrate with us Memorial Day weekend with programs and the iconic yacht Maiden!

Enjoy special programming, a scavenger hunt on the historic Battleship Wisconsin and more! Special tours and interpretations available all weekend.

  • Hefty Cargo: Test out how cargo is stacked onto a container ship. See how much cargo you can load up without the boat tipping!
  • Bioinvaders of the Ballast: Using cargo ships is an important method of transporting goods around the world. However, there are often invaders waiting to be released in the ballast water! See how invasive species are transported and ways we can prevent invasion.
  • Maritime Match Up: Norfolk isn’t the only port that sees a lot of goods coming in and out. Matchup the imports and exports of cities around the world.
  • SOS: Shipping Trends Watch how shipping trends occur around the world.
  • Build a Boat: Try your hand at nautical engineering by building your own miniature sailboat. Then race them down the sluice!
  • Refueling at Sea: Learn about how large ships like BB-64 refuel and refill their supplies while at sea.
  • Pack a Sea Bag: Test out your skills at packing a sea back full of all the things a sailor needs during a deployment on a battleship.

The iconic yacht Maiden and her all female crew, who are sailing the world raising awareness for girls’ education and empowerment, will be docking at the Nauticus pier on Memorial Day Weekend.

Visit the Nauticus pier on May 27, 12pm – 5pm and May 28, 10am – 5pm, to meet the inspiring crew and tour the iconic vessel. Visiting the vessel is free, registration will be required to board. Please note mask’s will be required by all visitors aboard the vessel.

Enjoy Rita’s Italian Ice and Southern Provisions on Saturday. Enjoy coffee and pastries from Bear House Coffee on Sunday!