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Discovery Day

Earth Day Celebration

Help us take care of the planet. Come spend the day with us as we practice environmental stewardship and clean up our campus.

Community Collection: Bring your plastic grocery bags/ film, colored glass (not sprayed), #2 plastics (bottle caps, laundry detergent bottles), #6 plastic (yogurt cups, apple sauce cups, sour cream & butter tubs), and egg cartons to reuse and repurpose throughout the day. All items must be thoroughly cleaned to be accepted.

Purchase tickets here.

Our Community Partners will have activities that demonstrate how their footprint affects our Earth:

  • Keep Norfolk Beautiful: Start your own pollinator garden! Pollinator species help fertilize the plants grown for food, beverages, fibers, spices, and medicines.
  • 757 CRC: We’ll create a nature journal and adventure around Nauticus’ campus! Discover how Nauticus protects our waterways.
  • Less Than: Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint at home from a zero waste + refill shop, located in Hampton Roads and Richmond.
  • Slover Library: Peruse their collection of environmental children, teens and adult books that you can read or checkout. 
  • Virginia MOCA: Visitors will view natural specimens through microscopes and use crayons and watercolor markers to recreate the microscopic slide on paper.  
  • Sail Nauticus Academy Pollinator Garden Reveal: During the winter months, the Academy students started a pollinator garden in partnership with Keep Norfolk Beautiful. Join in the ribbon cutting ceremony as they reveal the finished garden, planted in a customized dinghy!

Engage in educational demonstrations and programs:

  • Seaglass: This seaglass making demonstration discusses the relationship between old landfills, glass, and our waterways. Guests will use house-made seaglass to create beautiful images.
  • Where’s Your Watershed: Guests will learn about what a watershed is and how we are connected to the Elizabeth River & Chesapeake Bay.
  • Closing the Loop: Bring or use provided plastic bags to create “plarn,” plastic yarn.  Learn how the harmful bags impact our environment and the many ways that they can be reused and recycled to create long lived items.
  • Fast Fashion Faux Pas: Watch demonstrations on how fabric can be made with plastic bags while also discussing the “fast fashion” industry and the negative impact of amount of clothing being produced. Discuss ways to reuse and recycle old clothing.
  • From Trash #2 Treasure: At low temperatures, #2 plastics can be melted down safely and repurposed into items that have longer lives. This program will demonstrate how that is done and discuss the possibilities.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Write down ways in which you have helped the earth or make pledges to begin.
  • Papermaking: Learn how paper pulp is made! Adds seeds, courtesy of Eggleston, and take home your paper to plant!

Take a snack break with Dula’s Fish on the Fly and Rita’s Italian Ice food trucks! Eat in our café or on our front porch!