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Read about former crewmembers’ experiences on the Battleship¬†Wisconsin! Hear why crewmembers enlisted or the decade they were drafted in and their daily lives on the Wisconsin!

David Threet

Seaman Apprentice 1946-1948

David Threet joined the Navy in 1946, at the age of 17, wanting to serve his country as his older brothers had honorably served in WW2. Probably wanted to see the world as well, after spending his childhood in his hometown of Florence, AL. I believe his first post was on the USS Wisconsin although he also served on the USS Portsmouth (CL-102) & and USS Wilkes Barre (CL-103).

Of the 3 ships he served on during his 2 years in the Navy, the Wisconsin was definitely his favorite. He was so proud of his service, and spoke with fondness of it whenever he ran into another sailor. He wore out several BB-64 hats over the years, luckily the local military surplus always seemed to have more on hand. I distinctly remember when I was 10, in early 1991, and dad showed me a newspaper clippings of the Wisconsin firing at enemy targets in the Persian Gulf. Even 43 years after he was honorably discharged from the Navy, he still had no problem recalling the Wisconsin‘s armament and range of her big guns. When we laid him to rest, it was with military honors, and a military footstone lies at his feet. I will always be proud of my dad. And I’m glad I will be able to visit the Wisconsin someday with my children and tell them some of dad’s stories he once told me.

Sean Purnell

E-4 in 1991

USS WISCONSIN was my very first ship and while serving on her, I realized that I was going to be part of the last Battleship sailors. I was very proud to have served on her during Desert Storm until decommissioning. I made some lifelong friends and cherish the many memories made. When she fired her guns, I felt it in my heart moments later. General Quarters “manning your battle stations” was always a pressure moment for all of us. I enjoyed the many port visits, celebrity visits and the alone moments walking the wooden decks or standing topside looking out on the ocean. These moments will NEVER be forgotten. I believe that if she had never been taken out of service that I would have served at least 5 or so more years on her.

Barry Cordwell

FC3 from 1989-1991

So many stories, but to this day I remember the first night of the Air War. Battle station was Spot III. Forget the name of the LT in our Sopt, but we talked him into letting us open the 17inch vault door so we could watch the Tomohawks. A bit later we saw the Foster launch hers, then others, then our ABLs. Meanwhile the sky was many of nav lights and shadows of planes on their way to strike first. Was very surreal.

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