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If you’re a non-profit organization or have a city-sponsored event, you can advertise on our video board.
View our usage guidelines below and complete the request form below to get started!

Videoboard Usage Policy

  • Management of the operations and programming of the videoboard will be by the Director of Marketing.  Requests for postings are submitted to Nauticus’ Marketing Department for consideration of placement/inclusion.  Approval and posting of all content is determined based on the policy guidelines as outlined in this document.  All images and content postings are ultimately at the discretion of the Director of Nauticus. It is noted that other conditions and/or requirements may be imposed by City of Norfolk administration with regard to the videoboard.
  • Postings shall promote an event presented by a city department in a city-owned facility, a city-sponsored event in Norfolk, a Norfolk-based event of citywide or regional interest presented by a nonprofit, or sponsors of Nauticus events or programs.
  • In the event of limited availability for postings, priority will be given to Nauticus activities.
  • All requestors must fulfill required Nauticus posting fees of $400 (effective March 1, 2017) for a two-week period.  Payment must be made in advance of posting by check or credit card.
  • The videoboard will be operational from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.  Postings are 7 seconds in duration, shown an average of 300 times a day (4,200 times over two weeks) and seen by passengers in more than 31,000 vehicles that pass Nauticus daily.  Total impressions equal more than one million.
  • Graphic/still messages should be supplied in a jpeg format that is 512×320 pixels(widescreen format).  (Video postings are limited to Nauticus).  For best readability, the information should be limited to the organization sponsoring the event, essential details, and sponsor(s).  All messages will be subject to editing; however, still messages should be provided exactly as the submitter would like them to appear.
  • No commercial (for profit) advertising will be posted.
  • Logos of event sponsors (with the exception of Nauticus event and program sponsors) will be posted only in conjunction with an event and must be limited to 20% of the total jpeg space.
  • All requests for postings must be made in writing at least 2 weeks in advance of requested posting dates.  The length of posting time and duration (no longer than two weeks at a time) will be determined by Nauticus.
  • For readability, it is suggested that no type be smaller than 23.5 points.  Optimal point size is 63 points, depending on font.  72 dpi is preferred.  Reversed type is discouraged as it is sometimes hard to read.

Request to Post Event/Message
on Video Board

Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of posting request date.  All requests will be reviewed based on criteria outlined in the Videoboard Usage Policy.  All postings will be up for no longer than two weeks. You will be notified via email of the approval or denial of your request.  If your request is approved, you will be given further details to finalize the posting request.

Video Board Request

Contact Information


Video Board Slide Request

Maximum 2 week period only.
Maximum 2 week period only.

Event Details

Maximum upload size: 67.11MB
Upload any existing art for the event (example: Posters, flyers, eBlasts, etc.)