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Reimagine Nauticus Project

The $21.5 million “Reimagine Nauticus” campaign intrinsically ties the organization together with its community through (1) STEM-focused programming, (2) relevant and compelling interactive exhibits, and (3) an exploration of real-world jobs and career opportunities. 

Exhibit Gallery Spaces Include:

Norfolk In Time

In Memory of Frances Martin Lindsay

Opening Summer 2023

An interdisciplinary, highly interactive exhibition weaving stories of history, culture, science, technology and industry to showcase Norfolk’s unique resiliency in the face of continual challenge and change. Environmental stewardship is addressed as Hampton Roads residents gain a better appreciation of their unique and precious natural resources. 


In Memory of Howard & Nancy Spainhour

Opening Summer 2023

Devoted to young visitors, this gallery encourages experience-based play and discovery using both fine and gross motor skills as well as interactive elements that are right-sized for little learners. Young explorers will learn more about local waterways and aquatic life.

Design. Build. Sail.

Presented by the Batten Family Foundation

Opening Fall/Winter 2024

This exhibit blends the best of high-performing, hands-on interactives, with skill-based “maker” activities. The gallery places a fresh emphasis on history, culture and the sheer joy of making and sailing small watercraft. Design. Build. Sail. is a compelling context and theme for understanding in physical and material sciences, engineering and technology, innovation and creativity, careers, applied mathematics, and extensive connections to maritime history.

Wonderhall (Lobby)

Presented by the Goode Family Foundation

Opening Fall/Winter 2024

A refreshed visitor entry with new lighting and open spaces that sets the stage for a new Nauticus experience.

Water Port

Presented by Jerry & Laura Miller

Opening Fall/Winter 2024

The Port of Virginia, the ship building and ship repair community, and their many critical partners form a rich collaboration unlike any other industrial story a museum might choose to explore.  Water Port combines proven exhibit techniques in entirely new ways for maximum explanatory power and visitor engagement. 

Modern Naval Power

Presented by The Perry Family Foundation

Opening Fall/Winter 2024

The Modern Naval Power experience advances the public understanding of the Navy as a vital, human-centered enterprise deeply engaged in shaping the future. The gallery will display models, objects, artifacts, and other material alongside explanatory visual interpretation.  

Join us by investing in the future of Nauticus through the Reimagine Nauticus Campaign.