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Three decks down, this is the single longest continuous passage on the ship.

Broadway is a unique feature of Iowa class Battleships. It provides access on both sides to; remote cut-off switches and levers, as well as Fire Rooms, Engine Rooms, 5” gun magazines and other ancillary work spaces. 

At 256 feet long and six feet wide it covers 1536 square feet.

It also allows Machinist Mates and Gunners Mates to move heavy equipment and big ammunition from one end of the ship to the other on a monorail that is 350’ feet long.  When the ship is fully operational and underway all the indicator lamps and hot steamy atmosphere remind sailors of a summer night on Broadway, a reminder of home that every sailor longs for.  

Medical Spaces

Visitors can view the hospital, including the lab, X-ray area, surgery, pharmacy, main ward, doctor’s office and other areas where crew members received medical services.

Dining-Related Areas

Explore the Chief’s Mess, where the ship’s officers socialized and ate; and the Gedunk, the ship canteen frequented daily by the crew.

Housekeeping Areas

Take a peek inside the scullery (dish washing rooms); and laundry, with its massive washers and dryers and separate pressing room.

City at Sea Areas

See the Ship’s Store, Barber Shop, and Library.


Yes, there was one on the ship where onboard offenders were temporarily confined.