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Nauticus Opens First Phase of $21.5 Million Transformation 

Resiliency at the core of new 7,500 square-foot gallery.

Norfolk, Va. (April 25, 2023) – The first permanent gallery space to open as part of Nauticus’ $21.5 million comprehensive redesign focuses on the region’s history of resiliency and adaptation.  Entitled Norfolk In Time, the gallery is comprised of highly-interactive exhibits featuring examples – both historical and contemporary – of local individuals who have met challenges with innovation and resourcefulness. 

Nearly $2 million in specially designed interactive exhibits populate the space.  Visitors will ascend high overtop Norfolk in a hot air balloon simulation, design a more resilient city with innovative architecture, and crash waves into various types of city protection systems.  An interactive chandelier canopies overtop the entire gallery illustrating how one individual can create a ripple of change in their own community.  

“This region has always been home to resilient innovators who have adapted to change,” said Nauticus President and CEO, Stephen E. Kirkland.  “Nauticus is perhaps the only museum in the country quite literally built behind a flood wall, and so we felt this was a story we had to tell.”    

Norfolk In Time is named in memory of Frances Martin Lindsay, the late wife of local developer, Harvey Lindsay Jr., who himself passed away last week.  Nauticus members will be first to experience the new exhibits during member-only hours on Friday, May 5th from 10 AM – 5 PM and on Saturday, May 6th from 10 AM – Noon. Norfolk in Time will open to the general public on Saturday, May 6th at Noon. To purchase admission tickets to Nauticus, please visit

Norfolk In Time is the first permanent gallery space to open as part of the Reimagine Nauticus project, a $21.5 million transformation of the maritime discovery center.  A second gallery space will open later this summer and the entire project will be completed in 2024, including five state-of-the-art exhibit galleries, new aquarium features, a STEM Discovery Lab, and a refreshed entrance pavilion.  This represents the largest enhancement and investment in Nauticus since it opened in 1994.  For more information on Nauticus’ redesign project, including detailed descriptions of each gallery space, or for more information on how to support the Reimagine Nauticus Campaign, please visit

About Nauticus 
Nauticus is a maritime discovery center located along the waterfront in downtown, Norfolk, VA, offering a unique form of experiential learning for all ages. Through interactive exhibits and STEM to STERN programming, Nauticus uses the museum, Battleship Wisconsin, sailing center, and Schooner Virginia to tell the story of the maritime environment, industry, and the military. Nauticus Foundation is the nonprofit, 501©3 that supports the mission and activities of Nauticus. Nauticus’ mission is to benefit the community through education, impactful experiences, and sharing access to maritime resources. For more information, visit