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Nauticus Lauds Teachers: Offers Unlimited Free Admission

Museum Rolling Out Red Carpet for Educators

Licensed teachers throughout Virginia and North Carolina will receive free admission to Nauticus starting October 1, 2020 and continuing indefinitely.  The declarative move serves as a sincere “thank you” to regional teachers who have adapted, innovated, and persevered throughout the course of a very difficult year.

“Our entire organizational focus is education,” said Nauticus executive director, Stephen E. Kirkland.  “And I can tell you as the parent of a third grader, I have a very personal appreciation for how critical our teachers are, especially right now.”

Nauticus’ commitment to education has also led to the creation of new virtual demos for students, teachers, and families, and through a grant from the Student Access Program, Nauticus is serving more than 3,000 Title 1 students in the Norfolk Public School system by providing free education programs.

With free admission, teachers will have the opportunity to enjoy Nauticus’ changing traveling exhibitions. Nauticus admission also includes access to the Battleship Wisconsin, the largest and last battleship built by the United States Navy.