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Summer Exhibition: Drones: Is the Sky the Limit?

Now to October 9, 2022 

Explore the history of drone technology, from the earliest unmanned flying machines to advanced systems of the 21st century. 

Over the last 75 years, drones have evolved from remote-controlled planes used for target practice into versatile and highly specialized aircraft. 

As these aircraft fill the skies, they raise concerns about airspace, privacy, and ethics in modern warfare. But these concerns are eclipsed by excitement for their potential: someday drones will explore Mars, serve as pilotless flying taxis, and deliver packages and groceries to our front doors. 

In this exhibit, you’ll explore a birds-eye view of the aeronautics, engineering, science, technologies, and innovations of one of the most intriguing topics dominating our current culture.  

Military Drones

Drones transport ammunition and fuel to dangerous terrain on a routine basis, evacuate casualties and act as communication relays.

Drones in Everyday Life

Photographers and filmmakers use drones to shift visual perspectives and evoke a unique sense of space and landscape.

Commercial Drones

Lightweight, portable and easy to operate, drones of the 21st century have been adapted for scientific and commercial use.

Is the Sky the Limit?

Much like GPS and the Internet, drones may become as critical to civilian life as they are to the military. As drones become more widely available, the applications of this technology are limited only by the imagination. For now, concerns about civilian drone use center on privacy issues, airspace and data hacking, but the future holds more questions. As militaries around the world adopt these increasingly capable and agile aircraft, weaponized drones will challenge the rules of warfare, especially on future urban battlefields.

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Exhibit Features

Drone Zone

Race against your friends and family in an interactive obstacle course. Learn how to fly and then navigate your way!

NEW! Flowstate Film

Hold onto your seat as you enter the world of First Person View (FPV) drones, from a whole new perspective.

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