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Discovery Day

Women in STEM Day

Join Nauticus during Women’s History Month to celebrate women and their contributions to the STEM field. Guests will enjoy special programing, demos and $7.57 admission all day!

Did you know that female veterans have higher rates of STEM degree achievement and employment than their civilian counterparts? Learn more with Commander Angela Francis as she speaks on “Inspiring the Next Generation of Military Women in STEM” at Nauticus for Women In STEM Day!

Additional Programs You Can Find At Women In STEM Day:

  • Make A Lava Lamp: STEAM Activity for kids! Join Ad Astra Media to learn how lava lamps work and make your own to take home.
  • Program You Own Sun Catcher KeyChain: Join Girls Who Code and program your own sun catcher keychain by using variables and functions.
  • Tangrams: Tangrams are a great way for everyone to discover geometry! Flex your STEM muscles to complete the puzzles related to our Women in STEM Day!  
  • Fossil Dig: Mary Anning was an impoverished, self-taught trailblazer who paved the way for modern paleontology. She spent her days searching for fossils along the coast of England and her meticulous notes helped to expand our knowledge of life in ancient times. Join us in celebrating Mary’s often overlooked achievements in the field of paleontology by participating in our own small-scale fossil dig! You might be able to find shark and ray teeth or a miniature dinosaur.
  • Build A Telescope: “We’ve all looked up at the sky on a dark night with a feeling of amazement and wonder. But for a long part of human history, we had no way of seeing these heavenly bodies up close or even learning about them more than their movements throughout the sky. We will celebrate the contributions of Henrietta Leavitt and Caroline Herschel to the field of astronomy by building your own telescope out of recycled materials. After your telescope is created, you can help measure the distance to other galaxies like Henrietta or search for comets like Caroline.”
  • Plant A Tree

Thank you to our community partners for this Discovery Day: Girls Who Code, US Navy Fleet Weather Center, Ad Astra Media and Norfolk Naval Shipyard!

Reserve your tickets in advance!