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Member Appreciation Weekends


Nauticus loves our members! To show our appreciation, we what to give you some extra specials benefits during Member Appreciation Weekends, Saturdays & Sundays from February 27 through March 21. Featuring Bring a friend for free (limit one guest per membership), 20% off at the Banana Pier Gift Shop and BB64 Café, education programs just […]

Planet or Plastic? – Who Run the World; Women in STEM


In the immortal words of Warrior-Poet Beyonce, “Who run the world? Girls.” So in honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of the amazing women who are doing their part to build a better future! Women don’t just run the world, they’re saving it! Purchase tickets here.

Curious Kids STEM-ulating Activities: Pollution Solutions (Virtual)

What helps keep our waterways clean? In this lesson we will talk about natural and man-made filters, and then build filters of our own! To celebrate Women’s History Month, we will also highlight some women in STEM who’s work helped to preserve and protect the environment. Materials: Two clear cups or glasses, scissors, dirt of any […]

Law and Order: Save our Planet (Virtual)

Wednesday, March 24 | 2 PM Webinar via Zoom & Facebook Live Join us for an insightful discussion on the environmental laws impacting Virginia. Panelists will explore current legislation from the recent ban on balloon releases, to the future of plastic bag tax. Learn how you can get involved in the critical legislative decisions made […]

Planet or Plastic? – BB64 Birthday Blast; Reuse NOT Replace


In a sleepy shipyard in Philly on April 16th, 1944 our Battleship Wisconsin was born! Well, commissioned, and today we celebrate her 77th birthday with a bang! Our Battleship was built to last and after WW2 she was able to be reused in Korea and Operation Desert Storm. This makes her an environmental inspiration for us all to reuse, NOT replace, our belongings! Purchase tickets here.

Planet or Plastic? – Urban Farming for Earth Day


Plants, we can’t live without them! Celebrate Earth Day with us by learning all about urban farming! Grow your own food from scraps! Make an upcycled greenhouse! Become an urban farmer and support your local farms and gardens while you’re at it! This is your last chance to see Planet or Plastic before it’s gone! Purchase tickets here.