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It’s a LARGER THAN LIFE experience!

he 350-seat Nauticus Theater is the place to watch our hi-def and 3D films. Recent upgrades to the Nauticus Theater include a Christie CP2000 digital High Definition DLP projector , an EVS Airbox High Definition video server (the same servers used to broadcast the Olympics in High Definition) and Lexicon and Symetrix digital audio processors.

Our guests can watch Secret Ocean and Aircraft Carrier: Guardians of the Sea on our 50 x 24 foot screen in glorious High Definition and 3D.

Below is what is currently showing and is included in Nauticus admission!

Hidden Pacific - In 3D
11 a.m. & 2 p.m.

On the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean, blue-green islands, atolls, and corals reefs are thriving with a dizzying array of wildlife and tropical beauty, largely untouched by humans and currently protected as marine national monuments. Hidden Pacific will bring to viewers never-before-seen footage of these remarkable places, sharing the splendor of such pristine environments and their important role in safeguarding our planet.*
*Hidden Pacific 

Aircraft Carrier: Guardians of the Sea - In 3D
12:30 & 3:30 p.m.

Aircraft Carrier immerses audiences into the exciting realm of air and sea operations aboard a modern Nimitz-class nuclear-powered carrier. Track the experiences of a young F-18 Super Hornet pilot and others engaged in a massive international event.

Third floor exhibits are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please continue to check back for real-time updates!