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Teeth as Tools ​- Ages 5-12

Sunday, Nov 22: 10:30 am – 11:00 am (ET)

Whales and sharks are some of our favorite sea animals but you ever gotten a close look in one’s mouth? We are going to learn about sharks and whales use their mouths and teeth as tools to eat their food! We will experiment to find out why some whales have baleen instead of teeth and which sharks eat clams for dinner! Using everyday household objects, find out how a species’ diet can be guessed by looking at their mouth and teeth. 

Materials: large bowl of water, dried basil or similar spice to represent “krill” in the water, fine tooth comb, cheese grater, kitchen tongs, sunflower seeds, metal fork, fine mesh strainer or sieve, flat nosed pliers, serrated knife like a steak knife (plus an adult to supervise use or assist!)

These free family-based activities are for kids and adults, please get everyone involved in the family fun. Please complete this registration form. One of our educators will be in touch with you via the email you provide prior to the program. If you have any questions, please contact the Nauticus Education Department.


Curious Kids - Teeth as Tools Nov 22, 2020
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