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Berthed at Nauticus, the Battleship Wisconsin is one of the largest and last battleships ever built by the U.S. Navy. Your guests will be transported back in time as they walk the teakwood decks of this majestic ship that earned six battle stars in World War II and Korea.

Main Deck

The main deck of the battleship features inspiring views of the gun turrets and Norfolk’s city skyline.

Seating capacity is dependent on table placement, while up to 600 standing guests can be accommodated.


The fantail is the large open outdoor area on the aft of the battleship, perfect for enjoying the sunsets on the Elizabeth River.

Up to 250 guests can be seated in this area and up to 500 standing guests can be accommodated.

Officer’s Wardroom

The Wardroom is where officers had their meals and relaxed.

Populated with period tables and chairs, it can accommodate 80 pampered guests.

Captain’s Cabin & Admiral Cabin

The Captain’s Cabin is an intimate space that can accommodate 12 seated guests and 24 standing. Adding the Veranda increases the seating and standing capacity.

The Admiral’s Cabin are quarters fit to serve the Navy’s top echelon. Like the Captain’s Cabin, it can accommodate 12 seated guests and 24 standing. 

Gun Turret

In this area on the main deck behind the breakwater, your guests can dine under the imposing shadows of the Wisconsin’s big guns.

Seated capacity is 60 with standing capacity of 120.

Battleship Wisconsin 
Rental Fees

The rates are based on a four-hour event.  Included in the fee are a limited number of tables, chairs,on-site event staff, and access to the exhibits in your rented space. Liability insurance is required from all renters.

Rental Spaces

Max. Seated Capacity

Max. Standing Capacity


Officer’s Wardroom 80 N/A $2,000
Fantail* 250 500 $4,500
Main Deck * Varies 600 $6,000
Captain’s Cabin^ 12 24 $650
Captain’s Cabin^ & Veranda* 70 150 $1,500
Admiral’s Cabin^ 12 24 $650
Admiral’s Cabin^ & Veranda* 70 150 $1,500
Gun Turret 60 120 $1,000

* Outdoor Space
^ Access by ladder
Rental spaces available after 5pm
Rates subject to change without notice.
Effective January 1, 2018, premiums will apply for bookings on holiday weekends. Blackout dates may also apply.